How to build a website?

Getting Started.

First of all you need to create a new AeonFree account by going on Signup Page.

You need to activate your account in order to work with AeonFree. Check your email for an activation email (Usually it takes 1-5 minutes).

After activation you can login to your Dashboard and Create New Hosting Account. Choose a new subdomain or add your own domain name, you can add other subdomain names from cpanel later.

Your new Hosting Account Details will be emailed to you. You can login to your cPanel from the Dashboard with the information provided.

Building The website

You have different options to build the website. You can use CMS software, use Drag and Drop Tools or you can manually code own website.

Using Drag and Drop Tools

You can use drag and drop website builders to create your website. These tools help you to create and upload your website using FTP.

Some popular drag and drop website builders are Dreamweaver, Mobrise, Bootstrap Studio

Using Content Management System

The easiest method to create a website is to use CMS.

You can use popular CMS like wordpress, joomla, drupal to create websites in an instant.

You can install these softwares from Softaculous within the cPanel.

Using FTP to Upload your websites

You can use the FTP to upload custom website. You can find your FTP details in your email and Account Details.

You can also create your own website by manually coding it, you can find many tutorials in the web to learn html and css.

Still have questions? Check our forum!